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Probation Violation charges and informationA Probation Violation in Orange County occurs when a term of the Judge's sentence is not completed. It may be as simple as failing to pay the fine on the date set forth by the Judge in a DUI case; or it may be as complicated as being arrested on a new charge which disobeys the "do not violate any law" clause of the Judge's sentence. Regardless, of the reason for the violation, a jail or prison sentence may be imposed.
Probation Definition

A person serving a probation sentence in Orange County, may discover that a Probation Violation has been filed against them in a couple of ways: 1. A letter from the Orange County Clerk's office may be sent to them advising that a warrant has been issued for their arrest and they need to appear in Court to resolve the matter; 2. A warrant may be served by the Orange County Sheriff's Department at their home or workplace and they are arrested and taken to jail pending Court; 3. The Probation Officer arrests them when they report; 4. They are stopped by police for a vehicle code violation, and depending on the amount of the warrant, they are given a citation with a new court date or arrested; 5. They are arrested for a new misdemeanor or felony and are arrested for the probation violation and new arrest.

When a person appears in Court on the Probation Violation, if they are out of custody, bail may be set by the Court or the Court may release them on their promise to appear, "own recognizance". If the person appears in court while already in custody, the court may release them on their own recognizance, but that is highly unlikely unless they resolve the probation violation at the first hearing.
Lindsey Lohan to serve jail on probation violation

If the person is on misdemeanor probation and has simply failed to pay the fine, complete community service or complete the class, the court may convert the obligation to a jail sentence, or impose a jail sentence and order the person complete the other sentence requirements, or may impose a jail sentence and stay that sentence as long as the person completes the requirement. This will depend on the number of previous violations and the type of violation. The person is entitled to hearing regarding the violation and may negotiate this outcome.

If the person is on misdemeanor probation and has been accused of a new misdemeanor or felony violation, the ultimate probation violation admission and sentence is determined by the new arrest.

If the person is on felony probation and has failed to complete a term of their probation or has been arrested on a new misdemeanor or felony charge, the person may be facing a jail or prison sentence if the allegations are true.
For more information visit: The Orange County Probation Department

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