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If your loved one has been arrested and is now in jail, you need an Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer. The opportune time to hire an attorney is before the accused appears in court, because on that first court date your love one may make a deal with the District Attorney just to get out of jail, which may be detrimental to their future. They may also lose their opportunity to be released on their own recognizance or have their bail amount reduced. Being "released on one's own recognizance" means being released without paying bail. In order to have good representation during this first hearing you need an attorney dedicated to the case. However, at any time during the proceedings you may hire an experienced orange county criminal defense attorney to defend your loved one.

If you are not sure where your loved one is located in the Orange County jail system, go to the OC Sheriff's website at jail locator.

BAIL or not? At this point you are probably receiving numerous phone calls from your loved one. Jail is miserable and the initial shock of being confined is traumatic. However, before you post bail you should consider the following: 1) Does your loved one suffer from a drug problem; 2) Is your loved one going to reoffend; 3) Do they pose a risk to themselves or someone else; 4) Will your family member or friend appear in court; 5) Will the posting of bail cause there to be no additional funds in order to hire a lawyer. If the answer to any of these is "yes", you may want to speak to an Orange County defense lawyer prior to making the decision. There are avenues, rather than the posting of bail that may make better sense for the circumstances. However, if you do not have any of the above concerns or if your loved one is working, productive or has other factors that would improve their court case from outside of jail, posting bail is appropriate. Your criminal defense attorney is the best source of information in making this decision.

If you wish to bail your loved one out of jail you may contact a local bail bonds to help you (they charge 10% of the total amount and you do not get this amount back) or you may post the entire amount and upon completion of the case, the bond will be exonerated and the money will be returned to you.
where do I post a bond?

Felony Probation Violation

If your loved one is on felony probation and has violated one of their specific terms of probation, which may include anything from failing to report to probation, giving a "dirty" test (drugs/alcohol) or picking up a new charge, the probationer will remain in jail until the violation is resolved. They will have what is called a "no bail hold" and you will not be able to pay a bail amount to obtain their release.


Once your loved one is sentenced and is either committed to a certain amount of years, months or days, they may not be released until the OC jail or prison system deems they have served their total time (which is reduced based on their good-time credits and jail overcrowding) or the OC Sheriff determines they qualify for an alternative jail program. Alternative programs consist of the County Work Program (CWP) where the person works on a crew during the day and returns home at night or the Secured Electronic Confinement (SEC) where they wear a monitoring bracelet and are only allowed to be home, work and specific activities.

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DUI Attorney

If your loved one is facing new charges or a probation violation, contact an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney now (949) 275-6377.


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