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Client Testimonials

Rosanne was a pleasure to work with and treated my case with utmost respect. I was completely satisfied with how my case was handled and would recommend her to family and friends. I would also seek her council again if necessary.

- Satisfied Client

I signed Rosanne as my lawyer after my old lawyer made me lose hope of my freedom. She took very good care of my case. She got me the best results that I wasn't expecting to get. I am FREE NOW! she works very hard. Professional and very knowledgeable lawyer. I highly recommend Rosanne.

- Dui Client

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Irvine California Defense Lawyer

Proven record as a Criminal Defense Lawyer - more than 16 years of CRIMINAL DEFENSE EXPERIENCE

When should you contact The Law Office of Rosanne Faul?

When you or a loved one need an Orange County criminal defense lawyer.
If you have been arrested by the police in Orange County.
When your loved one is in an Orange County jail.
If you have a court date to appear in an Orange County Courthouse.
When you have been arrested for DUI. If you need to contact the DMV within 10 days.

Valuable information on Orange County Jails - Bail, probation violations, sentencing and jail location.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to contact an Orange County Defense Lawyer immediately. Call me at: (949) 275-6377 or email me at: As an experienced criminal defense lawyer for 15 years I have handled only criminal cases. Previously, as a Public Defender, I defended hundreds of criminal defendants charged with the most serious of charges from murder and gang allegations to assaults and robberies. Now in the private sector, with an office centrally located in Irvine near the Harbor Justice Courthouse, I handle cases at Harbor, West, Central, Lamaroux and the North courthouse to name a few. By focusing my criminal defense practice in Orange County I have built a solid reputation among my peers, prosecutors and judges as an aggressively skilled criminal defense lawyer.

When you hire Rosanne Faul to represent you, I am the one from the beginning of your case to the end of the case who handles your file. You are never handed off to another attorney. When you hire me, I represent you to the finale. Regardless of what crime you are accused of or what courthouse in Orange County your case is located at, I will obtain the best possible resolution pretrial or fight your case all the way through jury trial in an Orange County courthouse.

You have the Constitutional Right to have a CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER at every stage of the criminal process to defend you. Don’t give those rights up. Call me immediately to schedule a free consultation - to set up bail for your loved one – to contact the DMV – to go to court and defend you at all stages of the criminal proceedings

For more information visit: DMV's perspective of DUI issues or DUI Laws in Orange County California

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